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A mother's love March 08, 2006

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  • Fishman: Hope, anywhere you find it

      OK, so we have five banks in the world, three entertainment companies and maybe six insurance companies. OK, so Orwell was right.
  • Fishman: Families & fiction

      Anxious to piece together the history of the family, Beth has met up with a distant cousin who is putting together a more complete family tree, disrupted as it was by Hitler.
  • When April attacks

      If T.S. Eliot can call April the cruelest month, I’d have to say the sound and passion and irrationality of a windy day is the closest weather approximation to evil I can imagine.
  • Fishman: A swapping we will go

      Direct your energies to the earth. Decide what you’re tired of. Determine what you can give away, what you can live without, what you need to pull to make room for something new, weed or not.
  • Fishman: Of candor & cancer

      Because at the end of the day, we’re all terminal, though as a friend reminded me most of us just haven’t gotten the diagnosis yet.
  • Fishman: Self? Righteous.

      Most days, what I’m seeing in the mirror first thing is usually better than what I could hope for.
  • Fishman: The law of the letter

      Eschewing politics, weather, taxes, drive-by shootings and the spiraling stock market, the letter spoke of other news, of friends, gardens, nieces, nephews and the latest barbecue hole-in-the wall.
  • Fishman: Marching through Georgia

      More than any other month, March, with its skies and temperatures, like Savannah, with its winks and wrinkles, can go either way.

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