Food truck festival, Savannah Bananas style

‘Field of Food Trucks’ offers all-you-can-eat sampling in Grayson Stadium

AS ALL their fans know by now, the Savannah Bananas baseball organization likes to do things differently.

Even food truck festivals.

“There are all kinds of food truck festivals now, but we talked about how we’d flip the script. Our owner, Jesse Cole, is always saying we should do the exact opposite of what everyone else would do,” says Jared Orton, Savannah Bananas president.

“We figured since our baseball games are all-you-can-eat, what if you had a food truck festival that was also all-you-can eat? What would that look like?”

It will look like, well, a field of food trucks. And that’s the name of the event, A Field of Food Trucks, held this Sunday afternoon within Historic Grayson Stadium, on the same field where your Savannah Bananas play.

And just like a Savannah Bananas game, this event, too, is all-you-can-eat for one price. $35 get you unlimited tastings from 15 trucks from all around the region.

“This way you pay $35 and come in and sample everything that’s offered. We think it will be a more free-flowing experience, since you won’t have to be reaching into your wallet all the time,” Orton says.

“Lines will be shorter, things will flow more easily, just like at a beer festival where you’re just walking around sampling things.”

Fifteen food trucks offering 60 items will be arranged all around the stadium’s warning track, in the outfield. Beer and cocktail stands, for extra purchase, will be arranged all around, along with live music.

“Thomas Claxton will perform, there will be inflatable things for kids to play on. It’s going be a Sunday, famiily-friendly event, in line with what people enjoy at a Bananas baseball game,” says Orton.

The Field of Food Trucks is just another way the Savannah Bananas have changed the game for local entertainment.

 “We’re always looking for ways to create signature events. We want people to say, ‘That’s a crazy idea,’” says Orton.

“That’s what the Savannah Bananas are known for. We always want to put our mark on everything we do.”

Orton cites the Tap O’ The Mornin’ Beer Fest this past spring at Grayson Stadium as an example.

“It’s like when we put on a beer festival at 9 in the morning,” he laughs. “We had no idea what that would look like, but we wanted to do the oppostie of what other peole do and really put our stamp on it.”



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