Dog Days caps-off Year two with an “Endless Summer Special”

Updated September 6, 2023 at 6:22 p.m.

Brooks Tompkins
Kyle Brown planning

This Friday starts off Dog Days’s “Endless Summer Special”, a 3-show weekend (if you count Monday as a weekend) where some of our more established local bands will be paired with big-indie traveling acts with solid national recognition. The little late summer treat marks the two-year anniversary of Dog Days, a booking company ran by Kyle Brown. In those two years, Kyle has provided Savannah with a boatload of shows, including a series of very swanky rooftop pool parties at the Thompson Hotel, and even a 3-day festival this past June. Despite the past, this Endless Summer “Special” promises all the more: Savannah is catching the eye of some of music’s fastest-growing bands.

So, who’s playing?

Well, this Friday at El Rocko, local Jalen Reyes’s pure soul band of freedom will be opening up for Tonstartssbandht (pronounced: tone-starts-bandit… don’t ask), as well as the more phonetically-simplistic band name of Dougie Poole. Friday promises to bring a wide variety of music. In one hand, you have Dougie Poole’s casual yet cosmic country with the kind of lyrical wit you simply smile and chuckle to (take “Vaping on the Job” for example). And on the other hand, is a formed rock-fist. Tonstartssbandht features a power-psych, anthemic-shoegaze, riff-city, brother-duo where they truly bring their parent’s garage to you. Between the two well-known travelers, there is plenty of space for your mind to take a breather on the Whitaker street sidewalk.

That’s Friday. This Saturday however, also at El Rocko, the trances of Immaterial Possession and the usual psychedelic suspects of Ty and Jho Thompson’s Holy Scare will be joined by the smooth-sailin’ soft rock of Sam Evian (“Freezee Pops” pairs quite nice).

And lastly, Monday at Starland’s finest, Over Yonder… that show is sold out. But considering the show sold out within its hour of release, let’s see why that might be!

First, The Nude Party (and occupancy: Savannah bar venues like to have a good relationship with fire marshals). The Nude Party is like if Neil Young had a musical retreat center in Upstate New York, because that’s where they live (See “Somebody tryin’ to Hoodoo Me”, recorded in their barn). They’ve frequented  Savannah a couple times now, and we thank them for it; they are one big rowdy band. Hopefully they come back soon. The Nude Party is set up with the local Western Funeral Company, a trusty quad of glimmering death-country, made up of some of Savannah’s most stand-up men; men who have either served you a drink, lunch, run door, or mowed your lawn.

The Endless Summer Special may sound like a harmonious concluding cheesy sunset to this summer, but in its horizon, it goes to show that Savannah is making their name known in the tour circuit for some up-and-coming/already-there bands who may never have drank a beer on a sidewalk.

Published September 6, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Brooks Tompkins

Brooks Tompkins is a Savannah-based writer who believes Savannah‘s music scene is America’s greatest secret. He is co-founder of Studio Prefontaine, a creative agency for musicians in Savannah, Georgia.
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