Intentive organization for your closet


Hi Fashionistas!

I hope you all are doing well this week/month! 

For those that don’t know, my birthday was Labor Day this year, but I am celebrating all month! Whoop Whoop!

With all the chaos in my life, my birthday was a bit all over the place too, but I’m blessed to see 30! And with all this chaos, I keep one thing together, and that’s my wardrobe. HOW? I’m here to discuss that today!

Let’s get into it!

So there are three points I use for closet organization. They are vital for me, and you can use them as well. I like to call this “intentive organization.”

Number 1 - Separate according to type.

So I closed on my house a couple of months ago, and the first thing I organized was my closet. Now that I have a walk-in, there are areas for longer pieces. 

That area I use for dresses and jumpsuits. The shorter areas are for my blazers, tops, and pants.

I keep things like jeans folded on shelves, and undergarments in a drawer. Other staple items like camis and tshirts go in the drawer as well. Honestly, as we transition to Fall, my sweaters get a new home every year!

Number 2 - Organize by color.

This was extremely useful when I used to work at David’s Bridal. We could only wear certain colors. Then, for church occasions, we wore specific colors as well. So, having colors separated has been a must for a long time. I personally go from white to colors, to black. So the dresses go from white to color to black, then the jumpsuits do the same, then blazers, blouses, etc. The prints have a separate section that follows the coinciding area. So dresses to the color realm, then the prints are after. Then jumpsuits, and so on. Got it?

Number 3 - Season!

If you live in Savannah, then you probably are just as confused as everyone else as far as the weather between September and March. So your wardrobe is probably just as confusing. What I try to do is keep it simple and check my wardrobe once a month for what;s working and what can be stored. There is nothing worse than an abundance of clothing. I’m fairly simple. In the cooler months, I’m either in a boot, tennis shoe, or dress shoe (with opaque stockings). But no one wants to put out all of their boots in October, right? I take baby steps, for my sweaters, and boots. That way they aren’t all over the place because I haven’t had time to organize my closet and put summer away.

I hope this helps you guys! Anyone out there can apply this to their closet!

I would love to know what you do to your closet that keeps you in tact! I’m open to new tips!

Let me know what you fashionistas want more tips on! I’m here to help!

Don’t forget to check out the YouTube for more on this topic!

Yours in Fashion, D.Thomas!

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