EAT IT AND LIKE IT: New bagel shop set to open in downtown Savannah


For all of the new, fun additions we are seeing added-seemingly monthly- to the downtown Savannah food scene, the one meal that has lagged a little behind is the quick and casual breakfast.

Yes, of course, we have plenty of options for good eats early in the day.  Dotties immediately comes to mind on Broughton Street. Goosefeathers Bakery and Café was sold earlier this year by its founder Michael Meeks, but it remains a staple on Barnard Street near Ellis Square.

Soon there will be two more spots on the scene to satisfy that early morning coffee and a bite craving.

Toast All Day is a Charleston-based small chain of eateries that is now open at Bull and Broughton Streets in the heart of downtown. They are now occupying the space formerly held by Panera Bread.

Toast describes itself as an ‘all day Brunch destination with celebrations in mind. I call it ‘mimosa-forward.’ There is definitely a target market they embrace but have clearly done it well. Being able to open multiple locations in a market as competitive as Charleston means you are clearly doing something right. 

There is plenty of time to try them, breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are open from 7am until 10pm, five days a week and stay open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Meanwhile, right around the corner from Toast All Day is another spot that was very well received when they announced the news last week.

A new seven day a week bagel shop is set to open on State Street.

Spread Bagelry is a very small Philadelphia based chain who has begun a move into the South. They will be opening in Charleston soon as well.  They specialize in “Montreal style” bagels. Different from classic “New York” bagels in that they are sweeter and baked in wood-fired ovens. Of course, they are also not made with New York City water. If you know, then you know. 

Please don’t show up at Spread Bagelry expecting your classic NY bagel. You know who you are. These will be different. The good news is they are baked fresh daily.

Spread Bagelry will also offer a collection of ‘schmears.’ Again, if you know, you know. If you don’t, then you should. Schmears are generally cream cheese-based spreads that are very popular in a variety of flavors. There will also be some fish based spreads and nut butters. All of it is really something downtown Savannah desperately needed.

If they can deliver consistent quality, I suspect Spread Bagelry is going to be very popular with the downtown crowd looking for a cup of something hot, some bagels and spreads. Office catering should do well.

Then there are the sandwiches. Their website says they get their pastrami from New York’s Carnegie Deli, so that’s a good start. I’m looking forward to it all.

I should mention Savannah already has some great bagels. Rocky’s of New York Deli in Sandfly and Midtown Deli on Abercorn both offer excellent New York style bagels. And, of course, Big Bon Bodega has been doing wood-fired bagels at Bull and 37th for a few years now.

Usually the dynamic around here works in reverse. The only place to find something specific is downtown and the rest of Savannah laments needing to ‘drive down there’ to get it. 

Downtown Savannah’s got two new spots for breakfast including it’s first real bagel shop.

Spread Bagelry is expected to open sometime in early-ish December.

Jesse Blanco

One of the most recognizable personalities in the Savannah/Hilton Head Island television market, Jesse Blanco is sometimes called "Savannah's Anthony Bourdain." His 'Eat It and Like It' show has become a major regional brand in the foodie world.

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