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THUR JAN 25 | 8 PM

Heavy on the surf reverb and with just as much Southern twang, Andrea & Mud answer their own questions. “Ever wonder what it would have been like if Johnny and June were backed by The Cramps?…if Conway and Loretta toured with The Ventures?...if LinkWray and Amy Winehouse fell in love?” Even if most of us haven’t, we should’ve. One listen confirms that. The couple met at a Legendary Shack Shakers show in Atlanta, and the connection was immediate. Their songs are often compared to Quentin Tarantino soundtrack music, and it’s a fair comparison upon first impression. But if that’s of interest, there’s plenty more depth and so many stories worth exploring.

FRI JAN 26 | 10 PM

The English bass and drum duo first made squiggly EDM waves with their successful 2012 single “Get By.” It charted, as did their debut and follow-up full-length records  “Paradise Lost” and “Only in Dreams.” Since then, they’ve been festival guests at Electric Daisy, Tomorrowland, Ministry of Sound and several others. The combo’s secret sauce is each member’s background. Simon James possesses the traditional music chops, and Ben Hall supplies the technical and engineering know-how. One of the positive and egalitarian aspects of EDM is you don’t need to be a learned musician in the traditional sense to create great music. Tricky, specifically “Maxinquaye,” is an excellent example. Delta Heavy, on the other hand, exhibits the difference that comes with instrumental skills.

FRI JAN 26 | 8 PM

Just one look and you’re like, “Oh, crap, it’s Circle Back! Run!” Don’t even bother. You won’t escape the jackhammer intensity of the Holy City’s metallic hardcore bruisers. Cleveland hardcore scene veteran John Marino started making noise in the Mistake by the Lake in the mid-to-late 90s, and after relocating to Charleston, he created Circle Back in 2015. It’s just brutal, and if you like our own THGTC, you’ll love these guys. Similar in style are guests Heavy Is The Head from Richmond, Virginia. Fans of the fantastic and mysterious Abominable Iron Sloth will absolutely dig Slingblade (no one calls them Kaiser Blade). Finally, anyone who loves a band solely based on their name is obligated to get a Rectoplasm tattoo immediately. But make no mistake, they are extremely heavy and worthy of the spectacular tonnage of this banger.

FRI JAN 26 | 9 PM

Boasting literally hundreds of former members, Green Jellÿ (formerly Green Jell-ö before Kraft threatened a lawsuit) endures. The comedy rockers had a metal hit with “Three Little Pigs” in the summer of 1993 at the tail end of a silly metal era that began with the buffoonery of glam/hair metal in the mid-80s and kept alive by questionable decisions like Anthrax wearing zany surfer shorts and assuming b-boy (breakdancing) poses. Anyway, Green Jellÿ gets unexpected credit since two of those former members, Danny Carey and Maynard James Keenan, went on to form Tool, perhaps the least comedic metal band ever. The video for “Three Little Pigs” is a claymation delight, highlighted by a then-scandalous scene of the Big Bad Wolf bogarting Piggy No. 2’s spliff. How far we’ve come. Fred Stuhr, the director, also made Tool’s “Sober” video. Understandably, GJ doesn’t tour much, and not many acts can do this and do it for so long. Seems there are far fewer chances to catch them than former members.

SAT JAN 27 | 9 PM

Back in the day, Yankee punk rockers would joke about the “11 guitarists and 48 gallons of Jack Daniels” on stage at a live Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. In retrospect, it was likely begrudging praise at the ability to achieve harmony 11 whiskey-soaked dimensions beyond the Johnny/Dee Dee dynamic. But that’s a thing with the best Southern rock: a big multi-Les Paul sound grooving on classic rock's swampier, steamier side like a Marshall stack orchestra. Revelry gets it. Their version isn’t groundbreaking, but it is quite reaffirming in an increasingly sterile, digital world. The big stomping rockers give way to some acoustic strumming, and you’ll never miss the Southern soul and the echoes of Skynyrd. They just sold out a show on their Murfreesboro, TN, home ground, and are just right for Barrelhouse and too many longnecks.

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