NEW COLLEGE STUDENTS: Welcome to Savannah and possibly the most confusing time of your life over the next four years or so.

Here are a few things I wish were covered in detail as I matriculated through my years at university:


Like it or not, roommates are just a part of life in college for most of us. The best advice I’ve learned is that your roommate DOES NOT have to be your best friend. You do not have to do everything with them and it is okay to just simply coexist with your roommate.

If a friendship blooms from your living situation, that’s wonderful. But you should also get out around campus and different places in the city to meet new and different people.

If it comes down to you and your roommate are not in a healthy living situation, report it to your resident assistant to possibly request a room change.

You’re better off having the least stress possible while embarking on your collegiate journey.


Have you seen the movie Project X? Well, unfortunately most parties in college do not live up to the hype we’ve seen on TV or in movies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a lot of fun.

If you are going to indulge in parties, I recommend never going by yourself. You should also always have a designated driver or use Uber! Nothing like calling your parents from the pokie, explaining why you got arrested for drinking and driving.

You might want to make good friends with campus police if you’re going to decide to party in campus dorms.

Just kidding: SCAD, Armstrong University, and Savannah State University all are dry campuses, meaning that alcohol is prohibited on campus regardless of age. Be very wary about drinking on campus because if you get caught, you could lose your housing, scholarships, or, again, call your parents from the pokie.

Downtown Savannah also has great nightlife, but you must be 21 years or older with proper identification. And trust me, if you try to use a fake ID to get into one of the bars, you’ll be full of embarrassment when the bouncer takes it from you and tells you to get out of the line.

While you’re in college there are going to be some parties that you will always remember for the rest of your life, just make sure they’re unforgettable for the right reasons and not just out of regret.


Forget about the Freshman 15. It might as well be the Freshman You’re-Going-To-Have-To-Buy-All-New-Clothes because you won’t be able to fit them soon. Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to a lot of us.

There will be nights where you’ll be pulling all-nighters doing homework, essays, or etc. and you wind up eating a whole pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s. Junk food becomes one of your closest friends in college due to it being fast and easily accessible.

However, luckily in Savannah there is a wide variety of different restaurants and cuisines to choose from.


College is the home of being in relationship-ish situations. Hence the birth of the name situationship, where you’re not exactly together, but you don’t really see other people, but you don’t want a relationship, but you don’t want to share them either.

In college you will meet many different love interests that could range from semester flings or could evolve into your college sweetheart. No matter what end of the spectrum you find yourself on, always remember the most important reason for coming to school is for school. To build connections, learn about yourself and others, and hopefully graduate in a field you love and will be successful in.

We’ve all seen it too many times where two people meet, fall in lust, and then nine months later there’s a baby and now one or both of the parents are forced to put school on hold. Or we have all had the friend that gets so wrapped up in their significant other they don’t get to really experience college.

If you meet someone who you truly like then go for it, but never lose sight of yourself or your goals trying to chase a relationship.

College is going to be the place where you find yourself, and finally learn about the “real world” they have been warning you about since your adolescence. So soak up everything you can and enjoy your first year of college.


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