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Though it’s a hotel, Perry Lane is for the locals.

“When Perry Lane was developed, it was developed with the idea that 80 percent of the business, from the outlets and the hotel, would need to come from the local community,” says Karen Guinn, marketing coordinator. “The hotel was designed with Savannahians in mind—that was our key target audience. The owners also understood that the people coming to Savannah are coming to get an authentic experience, so a lot of that plays through in the hotel space.”

That authenticity especially plays out at the Peregrin, the Perry Lane’s rooftop bar.

The design of the rooftop is very intentional, from Kyle Millsap’s mural at the entrance to the green Astroturf further out onto the rooftop. The design changes as you move through the space as well.

“As you move, you get those little vignettes and those little experiences that make it what you want,” says Guinn. “If you want to be lively and in the middle of it all, pull up a stool and hang out at the bar. If you want to have a more intimate conversation or kick your sandals off, you can go hang out on the event lawn. It’s just making sure there’s a little something for everyone.”

Perhaps what makes the Peregrin’s rooftop the best is the fact that it’s off the beaten path. Located on Perry and Drayton, it’s right in the middle of the city.

“I think the location has a lot to do with it,” says Guinn. “It’s not in your typical hotel area—it’s not on River Street or Bay Street—so just from that standpoint alone, it gives you a very unique perspective because of where it sits.”

And if you haven’t yet seen a sunset from Peregrin’s rooftop, do it—the stunning views have to be seen to be believed.

“Every detail of that hotel is purposeful and thought through, including the orientation of the rooftop bar, so you can get great sunrises and sunsets,” says Guinn. – Rachael Flora

Runner-up, Best Hotel Bar: Rocks on the Roof

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