Try an "ADELAIDE’S FRUIT COCKTAIL: APPLE" at Peregrin Rooftop Lounge



made with: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, Turbinado, Lemon Juice, and Apple Cider 

“It uses Captain Morgan Spiced Rum which everyone knows; Domaine de Canton which is a very popular ginger liqueur; Turbinado syrup which is essentially simply syrup made with brown sugar; lemon juice and apple cider. We build it in the shaker so we shake it and strain it into a snifter glass that we rim with simple syrup and apple pie spice. When you’re drinking it you smell all of the vanilla, nutmeg, and clove that goes into the drink itself. That, plus the apple cider and then the apple pie spiced rim, you really get hit with so many Fall smells. Every sip you get all of the spice, a little bit of sweetness from the turbinado and apple cider. I mean, it really is a spice barrel in a cup. When I took that first sip, I felt like I should be on a snowy mountain.” 

ALSO ON THE MENU: Banana Old Fashioned 

“It uses Four Roses Yellow Bourbon; Nocino which is a walnut flavored liquor; Gifford Banane de Brasil; Turbinado syrup, orange bitters, and chocolate bitters. Then when we stir it in the beaker, we put two candied pecans in there so it absorbs the sweetness from there. Then we garnish it with a lemon twist and another one of the candied pecans.” SIDE NOTE: TYLER CREATED THE BANANA COCKTAIL FOR ‘OLD FASHIONED WEEK’ Oct. 15-24.



“I’ve lived in Savannah since I was five. I grew up on Wilmington Island. I have been at Peregin for about a year-and-a half now. 

I’ve always liked working with people, especially in an environment like this, because you get to see a lot of interesting people move in and out of the hotel. Bartending in general is fun because you get to come up with your own types of drinks. It’s always nice when someone says ‘This drink is so good’ and you don’t have to tell them you came up with it, but you know you came up with it. It’s satisfying.”

Jamie Burton

Jamie Burton is a journalist and music enthusiast, originally from Upstate New York. She graduated from Penn State in Broadcast Journalism. Check her out on Connect's "What are We Doing?" weekly podcast.

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