Ember City is bringing their gritty grunge rock sound to Victory North to celebrate and promote the female-fronted rock bands of Savannah.

Along with Fauvely, an indie-folk act, The Maximes, a punk rock band inspired by the 90s , and Draucker, a hard rock outfit featuring powerful vocals, Ember City, a three-piece Savannah band fronted by Sarah Poole will perform on Thurs., Nov. 10.

The upcoming show, labeled “Howls of the Sirens”, was specifically organized to display the array of female-led rock n roll talent in Savannah. 

“I was raised in the Savannah area and became interested in music when I was young. I taught myself guitar and from there it took off,” Poolse explains. 

Today, she is both the bass guitarist and lead singer for the band.

Ember City has taken off in popularity in Savannah and around the Southeast in recent years. In 2018, they released their first full-length studio album, “Invisible Ruler”.  

The album is available for fans on all major streaming platforms.

Recent years have not been without obstacles, however, as the outfit persevered through the pandemic to continue their musical journey. 

While live performances were halted and performers were worried about the future of live entertainment, Ember City, like other local acts, used modern technology to problem solve. 

Instead of accepting defeat with live music restrictions, the band participated in livestreamed concerts to continue to grow. With restrictions now lifted, Ember City is poised to play one of their largest shows to date in front of a live crowd at the Victory North venue.

This is exciting for the band as they continue to spread their message. “We dig a lot into insecurities and mental health,” Poole says. 

One of the goals of the band is to help bring awareness to these issues that many people face. They strive to be a positive outlet for their listeners and continue the rich history of artistic expression that they say is key to rock ‘n’ roll.

This objective goes hand in hand with helping promote female involvement in the rock n roll community. 

Historically, female-led rock groups have been rare, but no less powerful, in comparison their male led counterparts. Rock aficionados will recognize some of the female fronted rock powerhouses through the years including Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, the Blackhearts, and more recently Paramore.

Those involved in Savannah’s rock community say they want to recreate the popularity of these all time greats and make female led bands more common within the industry. 

Ember City is one of the local leaders in this movement. When they aren’t playing at larger venues like Victory North, fans can often catch them playing at some of the live music hotspots such as Barrelhouse South and the Rail Pub. 

On top of the “Howls of the Sirens” event, Ember City is also booked for a can’t miss show in December at the previously mentioned, Barrelhouse South.

“Howls of the Sirens” plays Victory North Nov. 10 at 7 p.m.

Visit victorynorthsavannah.com for more information on the show.

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