Turning a page

A column written by our staff

As a child, we were always given summer reading lists. You know, those ones you procrastinated until two days before school started just to be quizzed on them the second you walked into the classroom?

Personally, I always disliked being forced to read something without having the choice of what book I wanted to pick up. Was this a stubborn mentality? Sure, but with being forced to read pages of something I personally knew I wouldn’t like I couldn’t fully enjoy the words on paper.

Now as an adult, I have found myself growing away from books. When it comes to journaling my thoughts - I could do that for hours - that’s a story for another day. But, books? I haven’t picked one up in a long time; maybe four years.

So recently, I decided to explore the pages of a book written by my friend Cody Thomas titled “Half Past Five.” Within the first few pages, not only did I realize I loved the story, but I rekindled a love for reading - the reading I wanted to be doing.

This is no self-help book teaching me how to “be my best self” or “how turn my life around,” but rather a legitimate story. Pages and pages of an idea that was brought to life in the form of a book. How cool is that? If you really think about it, the possibility for books and the stories they tell are endless.

I missed the feeling of getting so lost within a book that you forget the world around you. For just one moment, you forget about the stressors; you forget about your obligations; you forget about anything that may be weighing you down.

You enter into this fantasy world where you form a connection with the characters being introduced right in front of your eyes. We form a relationship with them, we imagine how they would look in real life in our heads; making it all feel so real.

So, this time around, I’m going to create my own summer reading list - not one required by teachers, but one that is created with the help of our readers.

Do you have a favorite book? Email the title and why it’s your favorite to [email protected]. I’m excited to hear your suggestions!