The Grinch That Stole Culture?

‘Dramatic’ proposed cuts to arts funding stun local organizations


A conversation with Dylan LeBlanc

The rising roots star talks songwriting, recording, and Muscle Shoals

Visual Arts

The marks of courage

Telfair’s ‘I Have Marks to Make’ showcases all abilities

Music Features

Home for the holidays with Uncommon Collective

Local super-group takes a nontraditional approach to seasonal song

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Unsurprisingly, Savannah meets hate with love

Unsurprisingly, Savannah meets hate with love

'Savannah is a melting pot. So many cultures, so many religions, people stand up for each other,' muses Rose Salameh.

  • Editor's Note: The arts are still our best investment

    The City rightly and responsibly expects cultural organizations to diversify their funding streams and not be overly reliant on taxpayer largesse. Most administrations, however, have seen the value of the investment not only for political purposes, but also because it’s just the right thing to do.

  • The Grinch That Stole Culture?

    ‘Dramatic’ proposed cuts to arts funding stun local organizations

  • The Hidden Hand Society reveals Savannah makers

    ‘Hyperlocal’ crafts, jewelry and more in the Starland District

  • Community Response letter in support of Islamic Center

    'This is NOT okay. This is not who we are and it is unacceptable.'

  • Editor's Note: Musings about Muse

    Begun by the wife/husband team of JinHi Soucy Rand and Mark Rand, Muse was built not only on that pair’s unmatched devotion to local theatre and arts, but on their unique ability to project love, positivity, and support for creative people around Savannah, regardless of background or bank account.


Beatlemania @Tybee Post Theater

Beatlemania @Tybee Post Theater

Right after the screening, The Hypnotics will perform a live musical tribute to the Fab Four.


Good grief, it's almost Christmas!

Good grief, it's almost Christmas!

Join Savannah Children’s Theatre for holiday Peanuts fun


Shooting Food

Shooting Food

Cast Iron Creatives is the local state-of-the-art in food photography

  • National Lager Day is Dec. 10

    Ask any beer lover what the what the difference between a lager and an ale and they will tell you that ale yeasts are top fermenting, and lager yeasts, Saccharomyces uvarum, are bottom fermenting. That is indeed correct, but needs more explanation

  • Beer + Bluffton = Salt Marsh Brewing

    They use a process called kettle souring. This process produces sours faster than traditional souring methods.

  • Pacci: Simple things, really good

    Chef Dusty Grove aims to source locally and develop community

  • Alley Cat Lounge

    Sneak peek into Savannah’s nightlife future

  • Your Pie = Your Craft Beer

    Pizza spot focuses on quality beer offerings


Review: Moana

Review: Moana

Again combining a fairly standard morality tale with eye-popping visuals, Disney has another hit in Moana, a rollicking yarn centered on a young lass (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) coming of age on a South Pacific island.

  • Review: Manchester By The Sea

    A film that cuts close to the bone, with gentle humor only occasionally serving as a buffer against the harsh realities of these characters’ lives.

  • Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Rather than just functioning as elongated exposition for the umpteen sequels to follow, this one is self-contained enough to satisfy on its own terms.

  • Review: Arrival

    A motion picture that turns out to be far more focused on humanity than on otherworldly visitors, it’s a transcendent viewing experience that gets under the skin and into the heart.

  • Review: Doctor Strange

    Even Ant-Man, generally not ranked in the upper echelons of the MCU flicks, offers more freewheeling fun than this by-the-numbers assignment.

  • Savannah Film Festival: The hardwon Happy-ness of Porkchop Zimmerman

    Beloved artist is the subject of ‘Happy: A Small Film With a Big Smile’

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