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Saltwater Gestalt

Maritime-themed large-scale installation at Ships of the Sea is a rare experience


Seersucker Live: Editor and author Rob Spillman on authenticity, learning by doing, and rock ‘n’ roll

"People worry about making the next great American novel, but what we're after is a voice that feels true to the person and only that person could be writing that book or poem."

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Bikes & cars: Fighting unjust double standards

There’s a persistent notion that even the smallest investments in bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure must be earned through good behavior

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Dex Romweber takes us home

Garage rock godfather plays the Jinx

Cuisine Feature

FULL heart, full stomach

Late night burgers and Mama’s Louisiana recipes, served with love

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Going wild for the Kingfisher Discovery Center

Going wild for the Kingfisher Discovery Center

Local luminaries team up to bring more kids to nature

  • Editor's Note: City Council’s progressive breakthrough

    The City’s years-long, frustrating effort to update its alcohol ordinance and its stubborn reluctance to embrace the food truck trend represented two of the biggest and most inexplicable blind spots in Savannah’s social and cultural fabric.

  • A matter of perception

    As our city offers a polite plea to forgive any inconvenience caused by prettifying the lilies, some of its residents unapologetically push on to address the roots of crime, economic injustice and racial iniquity in our community.

  • Bikes & cars: Fighting unjust double standards

    There’s a persistent notion that even the smallest investments in bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure must be earned through good behavior

  • Editor's Note: New City Manager hire is a great opportunity to reexamine some not-so-great ideas

    If I had one public request to make of Mr. Hernandez, it would be this: Let’s declare a moratorium on all pending major decisions and initiatives, say through the end of the year, to give him time to revisit and reset things.

  • A Most Auspicious Time

    Like many unions that don’t involve officiation by an Elvis impersonator, Jon and Anita’s nuptials were planned around the sacred traditions of their families.


A Rail Good Time

A Rail Good Time

Railapalooza offers music, charity, competition, and prizes


Where the dogs are

Where the dogs are

Take home an artsy pup from annual Friends of Animals auction Aug. 27


Davis Produce: Simple and enjoyable

Davis Produce: Simple and enjoyable

Avoid the grocery story chaos and bright lights at this longtime local staple


Review: Ben Hur

Review: Ben Hur

What’s most shocking about Ben-Hur is how thoroughly it bungles the two most iconic and riveting sequences from the 1959 original.

  • Review: Sausage Party

    What’s particularly noteworthy about the picture is not so much its crude comic content (some of it rather insipid) but the weightier thematic elements that envelop the storyline. Sausage Party is about nothing less than existential angst, spiritual fulfillment, and the search for a higher power in a potentially Godless universe.

  • Review: Jason Bourne

    This fourth entry in the series (fifth if one includes that offshoot starring Jeremy Renner) works for a surprisingly lengthy amount of time until it finally, perhaps irrevocably, runs out of steam.

  • Review: Star Trek Beyond

    This third entry manages to travel at warp speed when it comes to delivering a satisfying mix of action, exposition, effects and — here’s the real key — characterization.

  • Review: Suicide Squad

    While it stands to make a fortune at the box office, it’s unlikely to make much of a dent in the hearts of even its most ardent supporters, the sort who insist that critics are being handsomely paid off by Marvel to trash DC adaptations (chuckle over that one as I step away to fuel my private jet) or who start petitions to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because they don’t like seeing an abundance of poor reviews.

  • ‘Vaxxed’ coming to Savannah

    Controversial documentary to screen multiple times in August

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