Art Beat of Savannah

Visions of masculinity revisited in new show

Maggie Hayes brings complexity and ambition to 'No Man's Land'


Feel the love with Savannah Stage Co.'s Romeo and Juliet

'Greatest love story ever told' kicks off troupe’s 2016 season

Music Features

Catch a ‘Fever’ with Miss Peggy Lee

Kick it with Savannah’s all-star players as Jane Ogle transforms into the Queen of Cool


Savannah Book Festival: Gail Lumet Buckley, daughter of Lena Horne, speaks

'I think black history is American history, and I think it’s so important.'

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Georgia Day: Faces of history

Georgia Day: Faces of history

There’s also homage paid to the living: The matriarch of Savannah’s preservation movement, Emma Adler, finally gets her three-dimensional due, as does Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears.

  • Editor's Note: Addressing blight

    The City’s Blight Ordinance is as precisely and carefully written as it is long overdue. It boils down to raising property taxes sevenfold on offending properties, until the offenses are addressed, after which the rate returns to standard. “Tax incentive” in this case is a euphemism for “tax disincentive.”

  • Autism conference features workshops, toolkits and Dr. Temple Grandin

    As Grandin puts it in her widely-viewed TED talk, “the world needs all types of minds.”

  • Have we reached Peak Bike?

    When I started commuting by bicycle in 2005, it was a lonely experience

  • Editor's Note: Breaking down the #Bern

    People basically vote for one or both of these two reasons, and these two reasons only: 1) Emotional attachment. 2) Perceived shared cultural values and fears. That’s it.

  • Chaz Ortiz: Food truck pioneer

    But, believe it or not, for as long as we’ve been waiting for City Hall to belch out a food truck ordinance, several food truck vendors already have been roaming the roads here.In years to come, these cooks-on-wheels will appear as brave as Space Age test pilots.


Protomartyr: Detroit’s finest headline Dad Joke’s One-Year Anniversary celebration

Protomartyr: Detroit’s finest headline Dad Joke’s One-Year Anniversary celebration

“That’s one of the good things about being in a band: it forces you to do things."


Savannah Book Festival: Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks goes back to the Bible

Savannah Book Festival: Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks goes back to the Bible

The David we think we know becomes ever more fascinating in fiction


The couple that eats together, stays together

The couple that eats together, stays together

A few Valentine's Day options for an interesting culinary adventure


Review: Hail, Caesar!

Review: Hail, Caesar!

An honorable look back at the olden, golden days of the studio system, when most movies were filmed on backlots and actors had strict contracts with particular companies. It touches upon numerous elements of the era, from manufactured romances between young talents to the rise of Communism in the film industry.

  • Review: The Finest Hours

    It’s likely that a History Channel documentary relying on vintage photos and talking-head interviews of those involved with the 1952 rescue would have been more emotionally stirring than this production.

  • Jewish Film Fest: Something for the whole mishpocha

    Event showcases history, football, and, of course, food

  • Shining a Spotlight on Oscar contenders

    Mad Max: Fury Road takes the lead with nominations, #OscarsSoWhite trends again, and more from this year's crop.

  • Review: Dirty Grandpa

    97 minutes of watching Robert De Niro once again mug shamelessly, Zac Efron once again display all the comic instincts of a dead hornet, and filmmakers once again assume that profanity and scatology are worthy replacements for wit and timing.

  • 'Strange But True' Documentary Film Fest comes to Muse

    A two-day nonfiction bender highlighting some of the most touching, surprising, and funny stories that are often overlooked in the cinema world.

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