Music Features

Have a Very Tybee Fourth!

After Hours Band, American Hologram highlight weekend music on the island

Music Features

We're an American Band: Who's playing this July Fourth weekend

Some cool shows going on around town

City Notebook

Tale of Two T-shirts: Urban Outfitters vs. 13 Bricks

When boxing pandas meet artistic copyrights


Best history questions from tourists

A tour guide reflects on his favorite customer queries

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I sing a song of the South, but I ain’t whistlin’ Dixie

I sing a song of the South, but I ain’t whistlin’ Dixie

I figured I was absolved from the past’s persistent evils, as though I could line dance and swill bourbon with the South’s fun-loving side and tiptoe away when it gets all blackout drunk and waves its guns around. I think that changed forever last week.


Little Tybee: A Primer

Little Tybee: A Primer

Lucky for Savannah, our Atlantan neighbors come through once or twice a year; if you haven’t seen them before, get ready for a riveting experience.


Nurture//Nature: Like a blowtorch to an apple

Nurture//Nature: Like a blowtorch to an apple

Sulfur Studios group show highlights environmental and natural themes, from GMOs to wasps


The Boiling Seafood is a hot hit

The Boiling Seafood is a hot hit

Johnny Zhang, a native of Fujian province in China, worked his way through many restaurants in his early years here, learning the trade from the ground up.


Review: Magic Mike XXL

Review: Magic Mike XXL

It’s sexy, it’s stylish, it’s well-paced (and the dance routines exceptionally well-choreographed), and it’s unexpectedly pro-women.

  • Review: Terminator Genisys

    Perhaps not since Alien 3 have I felt a sequel so betrayed everything that came before it.

  • Review: Ted 2

    The charm of Ted is that it never took itself too seriously; the problem with Ted 2 is that it does.

  • Review: Inside Out

    These excursions, which easily top those taken through Tomorrowland and Jurassic World, result in some of the most potent set-pieces in the Pixar canon, with select bits even invoking the spirit of the gems Hayao Miyazaki made for Studio Ghibli.

  • Review: Spy

    The plot is standard spy-spoof material, but director Paul Feig has taken care to provide his star with an arsenal of comedic opportunities. McCarthy never lets him down: Her Susan Cooper is sympathetic, but that vulnerability never interferes with her ability to deliver precision-timed laughs.

  • Review: Entourage

    It's saved from total disaster by some clever Hollywood-insider digs but which otherwise asks us to spend an inordinate amount of time with a group of insufferable lunkheads.

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