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Bernie brings the fire, but are we ready to fuel the revolution?

Who knew a 70-something Jewish grandpa could pack a house in southeast Georgia on three days’ notice?


Black Friday Record Store Day 2015: Our Picks!

Hit Graveface Records and Curiosities to scoop up the goods; the shop will be open at 9 a.m., so get there early for first pick!


Spinney Brothers @Randy's Pickin' Parlor

The duo grew up in a household of musicians with a penchant for country and bluegrass music.

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The truth about AIDS

The truth about AIDS

HIV+ activist Rae Lewis-Thornton talks stigma, safe sex and Charlie Sheen

  • Editor's Note: The #PeachBreach and you

    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office has revealed confidential personal data, including Social Security numbers, of every single voter in the state.

  • Bernie brings the fire, but are we ready to fuel the revolution?

    Who knew a 70-something Jewish grandpa could pack a house in southeast Georgia on three days’ notice?

  • Happy Runoff! How We Got Here

    After seemingly endless candidate forums and social media controversies, the enormous field of 28 candidates has winnowed to six

  • Robyn Reeder, Broughton Street, and a fierce spark

    It felt like she took the Savannah she made with her.

  • Race, Rosenwald and Shaundra’s Screed

    As a social justice groupie who winces every time Pharrell drops the N-word in that kickin’ new Missy Elliot song, I would so rather skate over the divisive questions and just get to the solutions. But I still have to wonder why anyone—black, white, purple, green—would continue to support a status quo that has failed them over and over again.


Pussycats, Puppets and Beautiful Machines

Pussycats, Puppets and Beautiful Machines

Enter the wild world of Quintron & Miss Pussycat


Should we tip artists?

Should we tip artists?

Regardless of the clearly mixed attitudes surrounding the topic, it’s a little strange that there seems to be a stigma attached to tipping fine artists. We tip live musicians all the time and the experience of enjoying their work can be just as ephemeral.


Grits, gravy and gratitude

Grits, gravy and gratitude

Narobia’s on Habersham returns with food for heart and soul


Review: Creed

Review: Creed

It's the best entry since 1982’s Rocky III, but aside from the character shift, there’s nothing here that’s especially original, and one’s enjoyment depends entirely on how charitable one is feeling in the nostalgia department.

  • Review: Trumbo

    Trumbo is alternately poignant, amusing, infuriating and always thought-provoking.

  • Review: The Good Dinosaur

    Pixar pictures have always been for adults as much as for children, yet this one marks the first time that grown-ups have been left out of the mix, with the studio fashioning a film designed to play only to the small fry.

  • Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two

  • Joss Whedon Weekend for a good cause

    Cult films by acclaimed director screen at Trustees to raise funds for Keith Kozel

  • Review: Room

    Room should not be missed, and for all the unease it stirs, it’s ultimately a powerful tale of that indestructible love that can exist between mother and child.

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