Cuisine Feature

Defending the Cookie Title

The Girl Scouts’ famous treats inspire sweet competition


The Vagina Monologues: 'So taboo it feels good'

Show returns to Bay Street Theatre in timely fashion

Music Features

Agent Orange returns with The Queers, Guttermouth, and The Atom Age

While Agent Orange was dominating the West Coast in the '80s, The Queers were fusing a style of their own on the East Coast

News Cycle

The real American carnage and how to stop it

Here in Georgia, fatal crashes increased 34 percent between 2014 and 2016. Distracted driving is appropriately identified as a major contributor to the rising death toll

City Notebook

Buddy Carter town hall heavy on drama and volume, but scant on specifics

Affordable Care Act provokes bulk of audience questions and anger

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Alternative facts vs. a more complete reality

Alternative facts vs. a more complete reality

There’s a lot of talk about capital-T Truth lately, though it seems like facts aren’t necessarily as important as gaining control of the narrative. And the way to do that is to, well, narrate.


Joe Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation

Joe Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation

Guitar guru returns to Johnny Mercer Theatre


‘Wundercamera: Savannah’: The Museum as Art

‘Wundercamera: Savannah’: The Museum as Art

Jepson show breaks the fourth wall between art and the art viewer


Good Greens: Eat better, not less

Good Greens: Eat better, not less

Wilmington Island shop offers healthy food to-go and for delivery


Review: A United Kingdom

Review: A United Kingdom

As is often the case with historical sagas, the picture relegates lots of fascinating material into a few blocks of text at the end, giving short shrift to the subsequent accomplishments of two people who refused to be defined merely by their physical appearances.

  • Review: John Wick Chapter 2

    Keanu Reeves is again suitably taciturn as the former assassin who, just when he thought he was out, gets pulled back in, and the criminal world created for the first picture — a landscape in which there exists neutral-zone hotels in which no blood may be spilled – retains its unique appeal.

  • Review: Fifty Shades Darker

    The major liabilities of the first picture have been neatly carried over into this latest endeavor, beginning with the fact that the general prudishness permeating throughout American society makes it impossible for Hollywood to produce an honest, provocative or explicit film about S-E-X and have it receive an R rating.

  • Gray's Reef Film Fest: Galapagos 3D is part of expanded 3D lineup

    Based on a Sky 3D series, Galapagos 3D is written and narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough

  • Gray's Reef Film Fest: The Last Reef focuses on beauty of coral, and threats to it

    'If man steps back just for a second, nature has a chance to rebuild.'

  • Review: The Comedian

    Robert De Niro is in fine form here, particularly when he’s taking no prisoners in his stand-up routines.

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