The Purity of PERC

Coffee roaster/wholesaler to offer Saturday retail hours, curated beverage menu

Music Features

All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, House of Gunt @Hang Fire

Special show signals end of an era in SAV nightlife

Visual Arts

Enter the Isaac McCaslin zone

Local painter describes the fleeting, organic nature of creativity


Shrimping with Morris Butler

He's been a fixture in McIntosh County’s tight-knit shrimping community for decades

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Priscilla screening helps fund Savannah's first-ever LGBT center

Priscilla screening helps fund Savannah's first-ever LGBT center

A trifecta of fun and goodwill: a screening of cult sensation The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a drag show hosted by Tricksie Turner, and a presentation by Savannah’s own Blair Williams (Miss Gay America 2015!).


Pickin’ & grinnin’ with Doyle Dykes

Pickin’ & grinnin’ with Doyle Dykes

'I just learned by playing, mostly. My dad showed me some chords, I got a chord book. I had an ear; my family is musical on both sides, my mom and dad’s. We always had music, lots of singing and playing.'


The Last Five Years will break your heart

The Last Five Years will break your heart

Presented by No Day But Today Productions (founded by stars from several Savannah troupes), Jason Robert Brown’s 2002 musical is sure to be an emotional journey, chronicling the many thrills, pains, and complications of a marriage.


Riverboat Pizza is a hidden gem of California-style goodness

Riverboat Pizza is a hidden gem of California-style goodness

Ingredients have a most decidedly Californian flair: artichokes, fresh-made pesto, intensely flavored sun-dried tomatoes, and spicy bacon aioli to name a few. My fave, that hits the palate with an immediate hearty rush of flavor, is the Pesto Manifesto: a pesto base, house-made bacon, chicken, sliced mushrooms, artichoke and green onion.


Review: Pixels

Review: Pixels

What does it say that Peter Dinklage delivers the only funny performance in a movie in which his co-stars are all noted comedians? Sandler is Sandler: shambling, mumbling, easy to take and just as easy to forget.

  • Documentary explores Barcelona’s street art underground

    Screening at Sentient Bean is Friday

  • Review: Ant-Man

    What allows Ant-Man to flourish is that it largely turns its back on the solemnity and self-importance that occasionally hamper Marvel features and instead traffics in the same sort of freewheeling frivolity seen in last summer’s smash, Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Review: Trainwreck

    Like all Judd Apatow efforts, Trainwreck offers a mix of the silly and the sincere, with most of the best comic bits packed into the first half. The second part turns more serious and, consequently, more familiar.

  • Review: Amy

    It’s easy for us working-class stiffs to get annoyed with celebrities who have it all and seemingly throw it away, but Amy does a better job than almost any other documentary in detailing how the pressures of being perpetually thrust into the spotlight are very real. This is poignant material, with the outrage mostly emanating from the presence of the sleazebags who effectively co-opted her life.

  • Review: Magic Mike XXL

    It’s sexy, it’s stylish, it’s well-paced (and the dance routines exceptionally well-choreographed), and it’s unexpectedly pro-women.

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