Review: Hot Pursuit

Most of these moments that do work owe their heartiness to Reese Witherspoon, who often rises above the tired nature of her role (a female cop who’s a klutz on the job and a failure on the dating scene).

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Review: The Water Diviner

This isn’t a muck-raking expose as much as it’s a personal tale told against an international canvas.

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Review: The Age of Adaline

From the very premise to a couple of head-smacking coincidences, the movie mightily tests our willingness to go with the flow. To its credit, it succeeds throughout most of its length,

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‘These films are meant to inspire, not to depress’

Banff Mountain Film Festival focuses on outdoor adventure, features auction & entertainment
AS the universe of environmentally-themed film festivals continues to expand, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour—with a Savannah stop this weekend—focuses less on politics than on enjoyment.

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Review: True Story

Hill and Franco aren’t bad, but their performances remain frustratingly on the surface – this is especially true of Franco, who often comes across more as a guy peeved that someone tapped out the frat-house keg than a tortured individual potentially engaged in Machiavellian maneuverings.

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Review: Furious 7

Let’s marvel at how much mileage the studio has gotten out of what’s basically 1950s-style “B” programmers supercharged for contemporary audiences.

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Review: Get Hard

Get Hard should be an early frontrunner for the title of the year’s worst comedy; instead, it provides enough sharp satire on other fronts – and finds one of its stars fully coming into his own – that it easily escapes that designation.

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Review: Run All Night

I can’t help but imagine that the following conversation took place on the set.........

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Review: Cinderella

There’s never a moment when our heart isn’t going out to Cinderella, and with Lily James delivering a lovely performance in the role, we’re anxious for her to finally arrive at her Happily Ever After.

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Everything is (still) Terrible!

Found footage phenomenon hits Graveface
INTERNET video culture is a fleeting thing.

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Review: Focus

Another in the long line of tricky, sleight-of-hand yarns in which everyone is deceiving everyone else at all times, but based on the results of 2013’s Now You See Me and this picture, it’s obvious that Hollywood’s hustlers have lost their sting since the days of Paul Newman.

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Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Corddry, Duke and especially Robinson are still amusing to watch, but without Cusack around to anchor the proceedings with his likability and semi-straight man status, the film drifts further and further into strictly puerile waters.

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