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Review: The Grinch Review: The Grinch November 06, 2018
Best and Worst of 2018 Best and Worst of 2018 Highs and lows of the cinematic year in review January 09, 2019
Review: Left Behind Review: Left Behind September 30, 2014

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  • Review: Captain Marvel

      The plotting isn’t the film’s strongest suit. But the attention to characterization makes up for it, particularly Danvers’ journey toward becoming a formidable female who ultimately realizes that she doesn’t need to answer to anyone.
  • Best and Worst of 2018

    Highs and lows of the cinematic year in review
  • Review: Bumblebee

      The switch provides the series with a breath of fresh air, but to state that the picture is in any way a remarkable achievement is absurd.
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  • Review: Aquaman

      Aquaman is the sort of overstuffed extravaganza that’s so intent on hitting all the requisite superhero beats that it never develops a heartbeat of its own.
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  • Review: Mary Poppins Returns

      Emily Blunt was the right choice to assume the Andrews mantle. As the magically endowed nanny who reappears in 1935 (25 years after the first film’s timeframe) to again aid the Banks family, she’s an absolute delight, retaining Andrews’ frosty demeanor but adding a spark of sly mischievousness to her interpretation.
  • Holiday Film Preview

      Here's a checklist of the handful of films coming our way throughout the rest of December.
  • Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

      While the film doesn’t quite reach the bar set by its predecessor, it’s propulsive enough to build up enough goodwill long before it reaches its rocky third act.
  • Review: The Grinch

      Those expecting to hear a variation on Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes might be startled to learn that they’re instead hearing what’s doubtless a variation on Will Ferrell’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes.
  • Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

      For those seeking nothing more than a rollicking good time, Bohemian Rhapsody largely gets the job done. But those looking for some depth – or, heck, even some historical context – will be sorely disappointed, as the film wreaks havoc on chronology, ignores key albums and songs.
  • Review: A Star Is Born

      Any worries that Lady Gaga might have turned out to be another Madonna (great pop star, wretched actress) are dispelled almost immediately, with the superstar delivering a performance that’s instinctively warm and natural.
  • Review: The Happytime Murders

      If watching felt characters get felt up sounds like a winning proposition, The Happytime Murders might just be the ticket.

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