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Chelsea Phillips

Chelsea Phillips is closing in on a decade-long reign as Connect Savannah’s Best Realtor. She’s won every year since 2013. That makes this year her ninth win in a row!

Last year’s “Best of” column described Phillips like this, “She has a great sense of humor and is very likable – but there’s also quite a bit of steel in this magnolia. She’s smart and detailed and knows exactly what sells.” Specializing in luxury and coastal properties, military relocation, and retirement homes, Phillips makes deals happen.

For all the HGTV fans, Phillips has consulted for “Property Virgins,” a show that helps first-time homebuyers through the process of selecting and purchasing their home.

Phillips, a University of Georgia alumna, manages the Chelsea Phillips Group with SixBricks brokerage. Reflecting on this past year, Phillips spoke with Connect about how the pandemic impacted her work and her unwavering passion for her profession.

Connect Savannah: What has it been like working in Real Estate during the pandemic?
Chelsea Phillips:
“It has been a year in which you have to grow and adapt to make sure your clients are ahead of the curve. It’s been a year of change. Moving and buying a house is stressful. Then, pile on the stress of this pandemic — It’s been intense. It has taught me how special each individual case is and how closely we need to work with our clients.

Everyone has seen this differently. It’s always about how we can make the ideal outcome for the client.”

CS: What is something surprising about real estate that Connect readers may not be aware of?
“I love data and statistics. Sometimes changing the color of your front door can increase the value of your house dramatically. Real Estate is a science and the best way to help your clients is to know that science.”

CS: You’re with SixBricks brokerage now, I saw a sign that said, “If cauliflower can become pizza, you can become a homeowner…”
“Each sign has a different saying. The Thomas Square neighborhood is shifting so much and there is a lot of growth in a very short period of time. Sometimes people might not think of themselves as homeowners. Our signs are trying to change that.”

CS: What is your favorite part of being a realtor?
“Clients. 100%. And, I like negotiating. It is about making sure we are doing the best for each client. Helping give other people their best life, that’s huge. For me, this is the perfect job to have that kind of impact.”

CS: What does being voted Best Savannah Realtor mean to you?
“Well, it makes me realize I am old. Seriously though, it is a way people show they trust you. That matters so much. I have given my life to real estate. This is how I feel like I am making a difference on the planet. It matters to me. This award is very affirming. I am very thankful for my team and my clients. I am surrounded by the best people. None of what I do could happen without them.”

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