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Savannah native Whitney Hall is the CEO and founder of Hall of Sneakz, a specialty high-end sneaker boutique that offers customers the most anticipated, sought-after and exclusive sneakers. Hall is a U.S. Air Force veteran currently serving in the Georgia Air National Guard and she holds a degree in computer science. As a sign of gratitude, her e-commerce store gives back to U.S. military members who have served our country.

“Hall of Sneakz is a successful woman and Black-owned business since 2018,” said Owner and Founder Whitney Hall. “Hall of Sneakz got its unofficial start in 2008. That’s when I began to study the culture of sneakers or sneakz, what we call them at Hall of Sneakz, and started my personal collection. Hall of Sneakz was actually founded in 2016 in my apartment in Atlanta.”

Currently, Hall of Sneakz doesn’t have a physical store location yet, but it functions solely online. They offer a local pick-up service in Savannah, which they have been providing for a couple of years.

“We basically function as an e-commerce site, and then you have the option to pick up locally here in Savannah and then also ship,” Hall said. “We are currently working on our storefront, which will be opening right here in Savannah, Georgia.”

Hall of Sneakz carries many popular brands that are not typically found in Savannah, from Adidas X Kayne Yeezy, Supreme to Jordans.

“We take exceptional pride in providing unparalleled customer service through what we call the Hall of Sneakz experience, which is a personal exclusive experience enabling every customer the ability to make either special requests or have access to the most desired and often rare sneakers,” Hall said.

Visit the shop, and follow them on Instagram @HallofSneakz, Facebook Hall of Sneakz LLC, and Twitter @HallofSneakz.

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