THE CONNECT FIVE: Shows worth seeing this week

Looks like you picked the wrong week to glue your hands to the pavement.


FRI MAR 22 | 10 PM
Originally from Bournemouth on the southern coast of England, the former James Hazell started with dubstep and drum-n-bass under the alias DJ Dose. A persona change to Funtcase, a creepy skin mask, and a deal with Flux Pavillion and Doctor P label Circus Records set it off. A constant stream of releases for more than a decade kept him busy in the studio, solidifying his position in the UK EDM universe. Funtcase’s “filthy” style is raw and dirty, with aggressive noise and death metal elements prevalent in the tempo and beats. He’s spread that influence to other artists, producing for Trolley Snatcha, Cookie Monsta and Dubloadz. With more than 20 years in EDM, this is a big name for a small club show.

SAT MAR 23 | 8 PM
From the mean streets of Boynton Beach, Florida, Dirtbike plays dream and psych-pop with a mellow vibe and lots of reverb. It gets a little jazzy sometimes, a little more structured at others, and some noodley passages swerve into jam territory. Add the slightly more aggressive, uptempo material, and you can’t help but wonder if these guys like Ween a lot. The PR Newman (pictured) moniker means “punkrock Randy Newman.” That’s a smart way to describe the often-sardonic lyrics and stories, but the music isn’t punk. What it is is a slew of well-crafted pop-rock songs from Austin musician Spencer Garland that’ll make you happy. Asheville’s Lion Country Ferrari is a little more punk and a lot more like a less frantic version of Ween's side project, Moistboyz, with some early Devo thrown in for angular weirdness. A winning combo all around.

SAT MAR 23 | 10 PM
There’s a sweet spot between hard rock and heavy metal that’s hard to find but very satisfying. Local bands Bastardane and Measurement are in the vicinity. A little more than a year after their debut show at a Wormhole Riot Grrrl charity showcase, Sultress is zeroing in on the target as well. Vocalist Emily Warner has presence and a gritty voice that soars or slashes as needed, and the band knows how to pound their way into a groove and thump it relentlessly. They do a strong cover of Nirvana’s “Breed” but their original “White Collar Inc” clarifies what the band is about. Local trio Green Room plays self-described “substance-induced rock.” You live in a party town, so you know what that means, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

FRI MAR 22 | 8 PM
Formed in 2000, the bluegrass world took notice in 2009 when they collaborated with comedian, actor and world-class banjo player Steve Martin. They performed together so much Martin was a near-member of the group for years, recording two albums. One was nominated for a Grammy. Without Martin, the band won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album in 2013 for “Nobody Knows You.” They went on to add Edie Brickell to the collaboration, recording a live album with her and Martin in 2014. In 2022, front man and founder Woody Platt left the band, but they soldier on bringing the uniquely American sound and artform wherever the road takes them.

SAT MAR 23 | 3 PM
Time Sawyer plays folk rock with alt-country sounds that we might as well call Americana. They’d fit just fine on a bill with The Jayhawks, Golden Smog, Wilco and the others you probably know, even if it’s not your jam. With a clever name that evokes their Southern roots and the enduring qualities of rural life and culture, the group started as a duo when Sam Tayloe and Kurt Layell met. After a couple of years, they rounded out the band with the addition of banjo player Houston Norris and drummer Clay Stirewalt. Whether Tayloe’s voice reminds you of Angie Aparo is something to consider over your seventh Lone Star and a double-stack at yet another excellent Over Yonder matinee.

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