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Brittany Merrill

Brittany Merrill is no stranger to most of your social media feeds, at over 15K followers on Instagram. Giving you a peek at the person behind the ‘gram, Brittany had a conversation with Connect Savannah to discuss life, friendship and doing what you love.

CS: Do you identify as an influencer?
BM: “I’ve never been asked that before. It feels weird. Being called an ‘influencer’ is a little uncomfortable for me. I don’t see myself as someone just making money off of the internet. It’s more like sharing my life with my followers. Keeping myself transparent and open. I have a bunch of friends on the internet and the term influencer takes away that deep connection.”

CS: What is a typical day for you?
BM: “I am a very fast-paced person. I wear a lot of hats, literally and physically. I am always awake by 8 a.m. and immediately answer emails and chill with my phone a bit. From there, it’s shooting and making content. In the evening, I make dinner with my roommate. From 6-8 p.m., I am always doing something for myself, something I love, totally uninterrupted by my cell phone. Without that time, I don’t have freedom.”

CS: Where did you get the idea for your spell books?
“I am a big manifestation and planning type of girl. Not type A, but I have a lot of different branches to my tree. That means things can get overwhelming. With so many creative ideas it is very important for me to be able to write freely, without expectation. These are like dump journals. I don’t feel like it needs to be perfect. So, I created them for myself and when I shared them people started asking for them.”

CS: What excites you about being an influencer?
“I really love meeting so many amazing people. I wish this didn’t sound cliche, but the people I’ve met on the internet have become my best friends and changed my life. I would never have met them without these platforms.”

CS: What platforms are you on the most?
“In order: IG, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik-Tok. That’s it. I don’t use Snapchat. That’s kind of embarrassing. Some of my friends have 400-day streaks. I don’t have any streaks.”

CS: What do you see as the purpose of your work?
“I want other people to feel as confident and live as colorfully as they want in the clothes they wear.”

CS: What does being voted Best Influencer mean to you?
“First of all, this is a huge bucket list that has been checked off. I have wanted to be published since 2016. It almost makes me feel a little more solidified in my career choice. Sometimes, people look down on my decision because it is not traditional. Seeing myself on a cover and standing beside a realtor, firefighter, and photographer — all such successful people — is validating. It makes me feel like I am truly living my purpose.”

CS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
“I want to encourage anyone feeling discouraged that it is not too late to start your own dream job. If anyone feels like you’re not on your own path to take a moment and follow your path. It will always lead you to success.”

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