Review: Logan Lucky

Review: Logan Lucky

There are precious few characters who don’t look and sound like they just got back from molesting Ned Beatty alongside the Georgia river.

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Review: Step

More straightforward than many other documentaries about kids in competition, Step isn’t as richly detailed or narratively mutable as something like Hoop Dreams or Spellbound.

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Review: The Dark Tower

Stripped of dramatic heft, the film mainly plays like the YA-sanctioned adventures of a young boy who gets to hang out with a gunslinger and fight a wicked sorcerer

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Review: Atomic Blonde

The sort of movie in which nothing is as it seems, with a full menu of double-crosses, triple-crosses, false identities, and startling character revelations.

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Review: Dunkirk

To suggest that Dunkirk is a movie lacking in emotion because it’s lacking in sharply etched players is incorrect. Director Christopher Nolan’s strength here is his ability to place audiences right into the thick of the various struggles taking place by air, land and sea.

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Review: War For The Planet Of The Apes

Andy Serkis again excels in the role that arguably will surpass Gollum as his most iconic.

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Review: Baby Driver

Writer-director Edgar Wright deserves the lion’s share of the kudos, not only for assembling a note-perfect cast but also for providing them with dialogue that’s often a pleasure to encounter.

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Slay All Day

See 1980s Tybee in a beloved slasher flick
AH, Tybee Island. Miley Cyrus shared a passionate kiss on your pier for The Last Song.

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Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

If nothing else, T5 is the first movie in the franchise that could be described as educational.

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Enjoy the Silence

Comedy classic The General gets a new score at Tybee Post
The 1926 film is a landmark achievement for Buster Keaton and American cinema

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Review: Wonder Woman

In the grand scheme of all things cinematically superheroic, Wonder Woman takes its cue from the greatest of all such films. Like 1978’s Superman, this new movie views its central figure as someone to admire without reservation.

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

As is the case with many superhero sagas, this one doesn’t know when to quit, with a generous 136-minute running time mostly felt during the CGI-choked finale.

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Review: Baywatch

The MVP is, of course, the impossibly appealing Dwayne Johnson, cast as head lifeguard Mitch. The film has fun playing off the actor’s image as everyone’s best – and best-built – buddy, and he’s equally ingratiating whether receiving or (more often) delivering the cutting zingers.

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