Boycotts and Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill

The question our state faces now, however, is whether the passage of Georgia’s 'heartbeat bill' may result in a costly boycott by the film and television industry

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Avengers: Endgame — A spoiler-free review

IT'S a mess, ok? A glorious, fun, moving and mostly satisfying mess to be sure, but Avengers: Endgame is reaching for incredible heights and the fact that it mostly delivers makes it worthy of your time.

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Diversity outdoors: Banff Mountain Film Fest explores wider range than ever before

"Society is changing and these films reflect that. It's what people want now."

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Review: Hellboy

The finished product doesn’t resemble an R-rated film made by adults as much as an R-rated film made by teenagers who think it would be cool to pepper their project with as much profanity and as many gory interludes as possible.

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How to get into the film industry

If you believe a career in movies might be a good fit, it is always a good idea to give your interests a thorough test drive

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Review: Us

Peele is never able to integrate the sociopolitical horrors with the cinematic horrors as brilliantly as he did in Get Out — consequently, the more fantastical aspects of Us require a lot of hard swallowing and ultimately generate more questions than answers.

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Review: Captain Marvel

The plotting isn’t the film’s strongest suit. But the attention to characterization makes up for it, particularly Danvers’ journey toward becoming a formidable female who ultimately realizes that she doesn’t need to answer to anyone.

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Entertainment incentives extended

How to make it work for you
Thanks to SEDA, Savannah became the first city in the state to add additional benefits on top of Georgia’s already generous incentives

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The Oscar Nominations: When in Roma…

Analyzing this year’s contenders
FOLLOWING the recent announcement of the nominations for the 91st Academy Awards, many favorites — or should that be favourites?


2018: The greatest year ever for Savannah’s film and TV industry

According to the Savannah Regional Film Commission, these productions accounted for $120 million in direct spending locally and had a total economic impact of well over $250 million in 2018 alone

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Mountainfilm: Mirna Valerio takes it all in stride

Mountainfilm On Tour doc explores issues of body positivity
At about 250 pounds, Valerio routinely runs — and completes — marathons and ultramarathons, and does quite well

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Mountainfilm On Tour Savannah screens powerful ‘Satan and Adam’

Director V. Scott Balcerek talks about his new documentary on an unlikely musical duo
The film centers around Sterling "Mr. Satan" McGee and Adam Gussow, a duo that met playing blues together on the streets of Harlem in the 1980s

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