Review: Skyscraper

Review: Skyscraper

Basically, Skyscraper is a variation on the Die Hard template, but there’s not much here that will lead to many declarations of yippee-ki-yay from audience members.

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Chasing Coral: Beauty under threat

Film documents phenomenon of coral bleaching
The Netflix-distributed Chasing Coral documents in vivid fashion the extraordinarily fast-moving and destructive phenomenon of coral bleaching

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Refugee Film Festival set for Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern

"People hear about the struggles and these films will help bring more dialogue to the issues."

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Review: Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is a guaranteed good time at the movies and certain to be one of the summer’s biggest hits. But while it frequently feints in the direction of something more meaningful, it usually backs away and merely lathers on more thrills. That’s not exactly a debit, but anyone expecting the complexity of its predecessor might be left wanting.

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The zombie movie that started it all

SCAD Cinema Circle celebrates 40th anniversary of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead
WHETHER it’s The Godfather or the first Star Wars or Titanic or anything in between, no matter our generation, we've all got that one movie that really hit us hard the first time we saw it and has stayed with us ever since. For Jim Reed —longtime curator and founder of the local Psychotronic Film Series — that movie is unquestionably George A. Romero’s intensely dark 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead.

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Review: Adrift

This film is as much a sweet love story as a grueling survival tale, although its realism is tempered with flights of fancy.

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Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

While those folks who love all things Star Wars regardless of quality will adore it, those of us who grew up with the franchise since a young age and find it still rooted in our DNA deserved something better

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Review: Deadpool 2

If it doesn’t quite reach the plateau of its predecessor, that says less about the freshness of the film’s irreverent approach and more about the comparative stagnation in the character’s development.

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Review: Life of The Party

Much of the picture’s appeal rests with the character essayed by McCarthy. Like Rodney Dangerfield’s Thornton Melon in the 80s comedy classic Back to School, McCarthy’s Deanna is immensely likable, meaning viewers have her back as she rebounds from a deserting spouse by heading back to college

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Review: Avengers: Infinity War

It’s the darkest, the grimmest, and the most downbeat of all Marvel movies, with countless websites anticipating its solemnity by laying odds on which characters would meet their maker.

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Banff Mountain Film Fest on the road: World Tour returns to Lucas Theatre

'Sometimes the best way to impart some environmental protection education is to inspire people to do more things outside.'

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Review: Isle of Dogs

Anderson’s first film since his grandly entertaining gem The Grand Budapest Hotel is a dazzling and heady achievement, employing quirky animation to relate its tale of a futuristic Japan.

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Review: Ready Player One

The film references come at the audience at warp speed (mostly ‘80s, but also some ‘70s and ‘90s), and if the cultural co-opting was frequently a lazy trigger on the printed page, a way to get easily impressed folks to mistake nostalgia for gravitas (“Wow, Cline mentions both Back to the Future and Knight Rider! This is the bestest book ever!”), there admittedly is some of that taking place on screen as well.

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